A bungee chord and a screwdriver holding the tail of an rc airplane in placeThe simplest precautionary measure can have the greatest benefits. One of these measures is an airplane tie down. Too often we see pilots in the pits starting up their airplanes with one hand on the aircraft and in the other hand their starter and nothing securing the airplane in place in the event of something unfortunate.

Why does it matter?
Give it some time and soon you’ll see (or even you’ll do) someone start their engine up with the throttle half way open. Now witness the airplane lurch forward and the pilots eyes get huge as blades spinning at over 2500RPMs comes at them.
Save yourself from injury and secure the aircraft down before you start up the engine. Go to your local hardware store and purchase a cheap flat head screwdriver with at least a 10 inch shaft and a bungee chord for around $10. All totaled we believe these two items are worth the investment versus a trip to the emergency room.

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