Afternoon Aerial Video

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Like many who get involved in hobby grade multi-rotors (colloquially known to the general public as a “drone”), I wanted to take steps towards the realm of aerial photography. Having gotten a DJI 550 Flamewheel, a 2-axis gimbal, and a GoPro 3+ Silver I decided to take it all for a spin and start flexing […]

Foam Flyer v3

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After having a minor set back in my last experiment dealing with foam gliders, I had my fingers crossed that this time it would work out. Not only did it work but, it worked far better then I had anticipated when it took off straight & level and continued to rise into the sky. Now […]

Afternoon Airfield

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After packing my planes and gear away for the afternoon I turned to enjoy the remaining hours of the day and watched a few planes land until the field was empty.

Hand Toss Electrics

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Sometimes a little physical exertion is required to get your aircraft skyward. Yet, for many rc pilots,  it’s the only way to enjoy the thrill of model aviation. Here are a few of my favorite hand toss action shots from the past few months.

Fall Float Flying

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On a crisp afternoon near Bloomington Minnesota, the Twin Cities Radio Control organization held its annual Float Fly. With fall colors at their peak, it made for a wonderful back drop as I watched airplane after airplane taxi by and take off.