With winter in abundance, especially in the midwest of America, it’s time to take the landing gear off and slap some floats on your birds to prevent them from disappearing into the snow on landing. And while ski’s are nice, Control Chat finds they don’t work well when the snow is 6″ and fluffy.

Unfortunately, few aircraft kits have floats specifically made for them, especially electric foam aircraft. We’ve found that GWS foam floats work all too well for most every foam flier that’s under 3 pounds (you can get them at Tower Hobbies online). Plus, they’re cheap and very effective. However, if not installed correctly, you’ll end up with a mess and floats that move back and forth like your Grandmothers knitting rocker. We wanted to share some of our own insights and hopefully pass on some good knowledge. And we think we’ve found a great installation process.

A few points to note:

  • Take your time measuring when you install. You want a nice ‘square’ mounting job. If your mounting is off, you run the risk of angled floats that will cause all kinds of problems with take-offs and landings.
  • Seal the floats. We used DuBro Flight Tape on the floats after we glued them together. Works Great!
  • Make sure the slots that are cut into the wood blocks have a tight fit for the wire gear to go into.

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