Pilot Skill: Intermediate
Manufacturer: Hangar 9
Power: Evolution .46NX 2-stroke (OR) Saito .62 4-stroke glow engine
Wingspan: 80 in.
Kit Includes: Covered kit, fuel tank, wheels & landing gear, Hardware


Hangar 9 has done a great job in detailing the Piper J3 Cub to match the real thing, especially given the price tag of this ARF kit. Add to that a generouly sized fuselage to install your equipment, plenty of room for multiple sized engines under the cowl, easy ability to disassemble for transportation, and you have a great airplane for your first entry into the world of large sized radio control aircraft.


Without question the first thing you should notice about this kit is Hangar 9’s attention to detail regarding the scale-like appearance of the Piper J3 Cub. From the tail surface wires, the iconic chubby tires, to the spars for the wings, it’s all here in detail and quality. All you need to do is add a pilot in the cockpit and you’re as real as it gets.

The assembly of the kit is clear, relaxing, and fun to accomplish with the included manual. Expect about a weeks worth of evenings to complete your Piper J3 Cub while paying attention to all the details. Hangar 9 does a great job with very clear instructions, helpful pictures, and solid advice for all aspects of your build, helping to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

The fuselage of the Hangar 9 Piper J3 Cub is large and gives you plenty of room to move around inside during the installation of your electronics and fuel tank. In addition a section of the underneath of the fuselage where the engine is installed has already been removed, creating a space for your engines exhaust system (The space works well for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke exhausts).

Flight Performance

We installed our well-run and manual recommended Evolution .46 2-stroke at 90 degrees, which fit perfectly inside the cowl and out the exhaust space, and attached a 10×6 Master Airscrew wood propeller. After the required radio check and engine run-ups we were ready to send this classic American airplane skyward.

With generous throw on the ruder required for rolling on the ground through rough fields and tall grasses, we taxied the Piper Cub effortlessly out to the end of the runway. With a quick last minute radio check we slowly advanced the throttle to 3/4 and started our take-off, keeping our wings level. It didn’t take long before the Cub gently lifted off the ground and became airborne.

Once in the air the Cub is just that, a true Piper J3 Cub with all its elegance and grace. Now, one could attempt aerobatics or even go inverted if your engine power allows, but for our part that was not necessary and dare we say, sacrilegious! We flew the Piper J3 Cub the way it was meant to be flown. Like a trainer or a veterans ‘ol friend in the skies. And it performed wonderfully.


The Hangar 9 Piper J3 Cub is the quintessential aircraft for almost every radio control pilot. And in this case, it’s a great first step when entering into the world of larger scale airplanes without breaking the budget. While it may not be the most docile bird you’ll ever fly what it will do is allow you to hone your flying skills over and over again. And in time we feel you’ll get so comfortable with it that you’ll consider it thee steady rock in your aircraft’s hangar.

Recommended Parts & Accessories

Additional Notes

  • Get The Pins
    We mentioned in the list of required Items a set of 25% J-3 Cub Wing strut pins with keepers from Hangar 9. We recommend you get them. It will save you a lot of time when prepping your Cub for flying as you’ll avoid the tedious installation of the bolts and nuts for the wing spars.
  • Install a Fuel Plug
    A drawback of the instructions included are a lack in explaining just “how” you are to refuel your plane with a cowl over the engine! We recommend the Great Planes Easy Fueler Valve mounted to the side of the fuselage to make refueling quick and easy.
  • Soup It Up & Scale It Out
    At a later date we installed a Saito .62 4-stroke and a 12×8 propeller when we attached floats for both water and winter flying. Clearly it made a difference in power, but to our ears what it gave the Piper Cub was a little more nostalgic sound. We also decided it was time to add a pilot worthy of our Piper Cub. Our choice for pilots are Dragon Action Figures since they are as real as it gets. And while they can be a little costly, we think it’s worth the compliments at the flying field.
  • Keep It Clean, Keep It Real
    Notorious for keeping our models meticulously clean and maintained, we found it makes a world of difference on the flight line and in the air. All to often we’ve received compliments on the Piper Cub and frequently get asked who manufactures the kit. Additionally, we prefer to fly each airplane how it was meant to be flown.

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