A spool of dental floss and a servo with extensionAlmost all rc aircraft require some type of servo extension cord to connect servos or batteries to the receiver (rx). Often times these servo extension cords are found inside the aircraft wings for aileron servos or in the fuselage to connect a rudder servo that is located near the tail. But over time and under normal wear, these once tight-seeming servo connections can weaken and run a high risk of separating. When this happens, the results can be a complete disaster. While there are servo connectors or safety locks available, they can get expensive and sometimes may not fit. So how do we keep our connections safe and secure? We use dental floss. Its cheap, fuel resistant, and super strong.

1. Tie a secure knot across both servo connection points.

2. Thread around the connections 7 to 10 times.

3. Tie it all off using a double knot.

4. Removal of the tie is simple.

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