A foam ear plug inserted into a muffler exhaustWe know how much of a mess glow engines will make at the end of any days flying. Some hobbyist use rubber covers to cap off mufflers to avoid the oil drips and others just throw a towel down and hope for the best. And while the covers are reusable and the towels work well, both eventually get really messy and your stuck cleaning up a mess.

Use expanding non-corded foam earplugs! You can get a box of 200 for around $20 which should last anyone an entire flying season. They work great for glow engines from .15 to .90 sized (two and four-stroke engines) and since they expand to fit, you don’t need to worry about sizing at all.

There is no mess to clean up ever since you toss the plug into the trash once you arrive a the field and if you loose one, it’s no big deal. Grab another out of the box because they’re pennies on the dollar.

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