AMA Files Petition for Review of FAA’s Interpretive Rule

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Muncie, IN—Today the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) filed a Petition for Review in the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit challenging the FAA’s Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, published in the Federal Register on June 25, 2014. The AMA believes that the FAA’s Interpretive Rule is contrary to […]

FAA Bill Issues Protection for Radio Control Model Aviation

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MUNCIE, ILL. – Recently congress passed the first FAA Reauthorization bill in more than four years. President Obama signed into law the legislation that includes a special provision for model aircraft protecting it from FAA regulations. “The law recognizes community-based safety programming as an effective means of managing the modeling activity,” said Bob Brown, AMA […]

Pending regulations on radio control (rc)

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UPDATE: March, 2012 – FAA Bill Issues Protection for Radio Control Model Aviation News of pending regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the hobby of radio-controlled (rc) modeling may leave you with questions about exactly what is happening as well as where you could find more information. While we won’t know the details […]

EAA, AMA Sign Collaborative Agreement

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  May 27, 2010 — EAA and the Academy of Modeling Aeronautics (AMA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Oshkosh Monday pledging to work collaboratively on programs and initiatives to expand participation in aviation. The MOU, signed by EAA Chairman/President Tom Poberezny and AMA President Dave Mathewson, calls on the two organizations to collaborate […]

Radio Control for Beginners

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‘Radio’ control or ‘remote’ control… Which is it? The correct term for this hobby is radio control because of what you are controlling the aircraft with – a radio. Those who use the phrase ‘remote control’ are more or less describing how they are controlling the aircraft – from a distance or remotely. While neither […]