The basics of how to solder for rc

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Editors Note: Always wear the proper eye protection when soldering. As you become more involved with rc airplanes, its likely that you’ll need to solder some type of electrical or mechanical component at some time. This skill becomes even more important as you progress further into the world of electric rc airplanes. Selecting your equipment […]

Radio Control (rc) Trainer Airplanes

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Researching your first radio control (rc) trainer airplane is exciting however, it can sometimes be hard to find a starting point from which to begin your search. Below is a continually updated list of rc trainer aircraft for both glow and electric. We’ve included wood rc kits, almost-ready-to-fly rc kits, and ready-to-fly rc kits. This […]

Quick Epoxy Mixing

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Most rc airplane pilots develop a special bond when it comes to using Epoxy resins for building and repairs. And if you know Epoxy, you know it usually requires a mixing dish in order to equally measure the resin and the hardener. But what if the amount of Epoxy you need is small? Tired of […]

GWS Foam Floats

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With winter in abundance, especially in the midwest of America, it’s time to take the landing gear off and slap some floats on your birds to prevent them from disappearing into the snow on landing. And while ski’s are nice, Control Chat finds they don’t work well when the snow is 6″ and fluffy. Unfortunately, […]

E-flite Piper Pawnee 15e

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Pilot Skill: Intermediate Manufacturer: E-flite Power: O.S. .25 2-stroke glow engine Wingspan: 62 in. Kit Includes: Covered kit, wheels & landing gear, hardware Editors Note: This article only covers modifications and flight characteristics of the E-flight Piper Pawnee 15e when converted to glow power. Overview The Pawnee is a very unique aircraft for the radio […]