Foam Glider Conversion To EDF

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I use what I have With last summers successful conversion of an Air Hogs foam glider I decided to do another hand toss foam glider conversion, this time using electric ducted fan (EDF) units from 2 Kyosho Illusion kits I once owned. The concept for this build comes from my own fascination with NASAs B-57 […]

Kyosho Illusion DF45

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Pilot Skill: Advanced Manufacturer: Kyosho America Power: Electric Ducted Fan Wingspan: 24 in. Kit Includes: Fiberglass fuselage, covered wing, ducted fan unit. Overview Having flown quite a few electrics, we wanted to try something different and decided on the Kyosho Illusion DF45. For as much as we wanted to down-play what appeared to be a […]