Foam Glider Conversion To EDF

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I use what I have With last summers successful conversion of an Air Hogs foam glider I decided to do another hand toss foam glider conversion, this time using electric ducted fan (EDF) units from 2 Kyosho Illusion kits I once owned. The concept for this build comes from my own fascination with NASAs B-57 […]

Air Hogs Foam Glider Conversion

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Again?! You could say that this is yet another foam glider conversion to rc, and like many rc enthusiasts before me, and you’d be right. But rather then show you the end result, I want to share exactly how I built this creation. While this may not be the best airplane for a first time […]

Foam Flyer v3

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After having a minor set back in my last experiment dealing with foam gliders, I had my fingers crossed that this time it would work out. Not only did it work but, it worked far better then I had anticipated when it took off straight & level and continued to rise into the sky. Now […]

Hand-Toss Foam Glider Conversion Fail

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The Preamble This article covers my conversion of a hand toss foam glider to a radio control (rc) powered airplane. Unfortunately, due to a severe oversight in understanding the concept of torque, the laws of physics prohibited my craft from taking to the skies (i.e., crash). All things considered, the build approach in this article […]

Hand Toss Electrics

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Sometimes a little physical exertion is required to get your aircraft skyward. Yet, for many rc pilots, ┬áit’s the only way to enjoy the thrill of model aviation. Here are a few of my favorite hand toss action shots from the past few months.

Radio Control (rc) Trainer Airplanes

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Researching your first radio control (rc) trainer airplane is exciting however, it can sometimes be hard to find a starting point from which to begin your search. Below is a continually updated list of rc trainer aircraft for both glow and electric. We’ve included wood rc kits, almost-ready-to-fly rc kits, and ready-to-fly rc kits. This […]

GWS Foam Floats

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With winter in abundance, especially in the midwest of America, it’s time to take the landing gear off and slap some floats on your birds to prevent them from disappearing into the snow on landing. And while ski’s are nice, Control Chat finds they don’t work well when the snow is 6″ and fluffy. Unfortunately, […]

Hobbyzone Super Cub

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Pilot Skill: Beginner Manufacturer: Hobbyzone Power: E-flite Brushless 450 Wingspan: 47 in. Kit Includes: Foam kit, installed electronics, speed control, NiMH battery Overview Can the Hobbyzone Super Cub kit really teach you how to fly? Has an indestructible rc trainer been produced? Unfortunately the answer to both these questions is no. While the Super Cub […]

Parkzone T-28 Trojan

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Pilot Skill: Intermediate Manufacturer: Parkzone Power: E-flite 480-size 960Kv brushless outrunner Wingspan: 44 in. Kit Includes: Foam kit, installed electronics, speed control, LiPo battery Overview After successfully completing numerous solo flights, many aspiring rc pilots begin looking for another aircraft that has more to offer then what they currently own. But not something so aerobatic […]

Parkzone F4U Corsair

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Pilot Skill: Intermediate Manufacturer: Parkzone Power: E-flite Brushless 450 Wingspan: 44 in. Kit Includes: Foam kit, installed electronics, speed control, LiPo battery Overview With the park flier market appearing to bust at the seams as of late, Control Chat wanted to get our hands on the latest addition to the Horizon Hobby family. In the […]