RC Fuel Tank Inspection & Replacement

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A common cause of engine problems in rc aircraft is improper inspection and care of the aircraft fuel tank and fuel lines. As pilots, we take great care to ensure that our fuel is correct and that we have a fuel filter in place for dirt and grime but, sometimes we overlook that fuel & […]

Castor Oil vs. Synthetic Oil

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Editors Note: Mechanical Engineer, TimBle (his RCUniverse.com handle) has worked in Product Engineering for both Lubricants and Fuels for 2 major petroleum companies over the past 11 years. Prior to his petroleum career he worked 4 years in the Aerospace industry. What is the difference between castor and synthetic rc fuels? Does it matter which […]

Hangar 9 Piper J3 Cub

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Pilot Skill: Intermediate Manufacturer: Hangar 9 Power: Evolution .46NX 2-stroke (OR) Saito .62 4-stroke glow engine Wingspan: 80 in. Kit Includes: Covered kit, fuel tank, wheels & landing gear, Hardware Overview Hangar 9 has done a great job in detailing the Piper J3 Cub to match the real thing, especially given the price tag of […]

Silence the oil drip

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We know how much of a mess glow engines will make at the end of any days flying. Some hobbyist use rubber covers to cap off mufflers to avoid the oil drips and others just throw a towel down and hope for the best. And while the covers are reusable and the towels work well, […]