Secure Servo Connectors

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Almost all rc aircraft require some type of servo extension cord to connect servos or batteries to the receiver (rx). Often times these servo extension cords are found inside the aircraft wings for aileron servos or in the fuselage to connect a rudder servo that is located near the tail. But over time and under […]

RC Fuel Tank Inspection & Replacement

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A common cause of engine problems in rc aircraft is improper inspection and care of the aircraft fuel tank and fuel lines. As pilots, we take great care to ensure that our fuel is correct and that we have a fuel filter in place for dirt and grime but, sometimes we overlook that fuel & […]

Midair collision with rc airplane

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Midair collision with rc airplane

A full scale Shpakow SA 750 bi-plane was substantially damaged when it collided with a large scale radio controlled airplane

Starting An RC Engine

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Editors Note: The following article is not a step-by-step guide for engine break-in procedures. Instead it is an article discussing safe techniques for the starting of an rc airplane engine. For proper break-in procedures of any rc airplane engine please refer to the engines manual. Safety should be paramount when it involves radio control airplanes, […]

Airplane Tie Down

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The simplest precautionary measure can have the greatest benefits. One of these measures is an airplane tie down. Too often we see pilots in the pits starting up their airplanes with one hand on the aircraft and in the other hand their starter and nothing securing the airplane in place in the event of something […]

Physics of Flight: The Stall

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One of the more deadly physics of flying for the radio control aircraft pilot is the stall. While some pilots don’t even realize such a thing exists, others do not fully understand how or when a stall occurs. Contrary to what you may think, a stall does not necessarily mean that the engine(s) of your […]

Physics of Flight: Lift

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When a beginner decides to embark into the world of rc airplanes their typical steps are: Find a trainer aircraft Choose electric or glow Get flying And while these steps are not entirely incorrect in getting started it does create a large gap in your understanding why an airplane even behaves the way it does. […]